Welcome to Hive ...

We are a specialist technology company dedicated to the property industry for the development of property websites and innovative applications designed to add value and generate more revenue for our clients.

Our primary focus is on helping you to generate more sales enquiries and the conversion of more enquiries into sales.

Our applications span a broad range of websites, associated plugins, mobile apps and independent software services. Our core engine is a highly efficient database application that is integrated with all major property software providers which is then used to repurpose the data across all of our applications. This means that all of our updates and enhancements are automatically rolled out to our entire client base ensuring everyone is benefitting from the latest technology and professional practices.

As a national database management company supporting hundreds of offices across the UK we have a proven track record in the extracting, handling and scheduled processing of large scale data sources. A highly experienced development and design team work seamlessly to provide a dedicated service to the property industry.

Take a look at our websites, 360 photographic VR tours and Location Information services.

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